Want to Sell Sheds

Shed Sellers – This site is designed for you to discover people who want to buy a shed. They need quotes for their Sheds and have created or have had created for them, a shed project which is like a Shed Wanted advert. Most contain enough information to generate a quote. If not, send the project owner a message via the ‘Contact Project Owner’ button. You can send a quote on the site for the customer via the ‘submit proposal’ button. Any questions please call support on 0484 236 936 or email help@shedproject.com.au

We expect that shed sellers who are successful will reward ShedProject with a referral of 1% of the project value. This is currently a honour based system which is monitored by our admin.


ShedSafe provides an opportunity for Shed suppliers to demonstrate their compliance with the Building Code of Australia via the ShedSafe third party accreditation program. ShedSafe is about sheds meeting the requirements of the Building Code of Australia which has requirements for structural and community safety. Read More on our Blog

Communicating on ShedProject

You can communicate between buyers and sellers two ways…
Contact Project Owner button will allow you to send messages to the Project Owner.
You can respond to message via the Private messages link on your ‘My Account’ page.
Project Message Board allows open communications on a project to share insights widely.

What is ShedProject?

ShedProject is a new way to buy a shed, build a shed or other commercial or industrial steel building. Shed Project provides a platform for the buyers  to connect with the sellers of Steel Buildings; from the comfort of your home or office. List your project once and get quotes delivered to you online.

What is a Project?

A project is something you need done, it can be any shed, carport, patio, veranda, commercial, industrial or home improvement related project you need to do or want to have done.

  • Want the ultimate Man Castle designed and constructed? Create a project.
  • Do you need a new garage including concrete and erecting? Create a project.
  • Do you need a carport for your caravan and you are going build it yourself? Create a project.
  • Perhaps a Mezzanine floor is required in your shed or factory unit? Create a project.
  • Maybe you need your shed cladding replaced, a new roller door and a window? Create a project.
  • A good season on the farm and you need shelter for the hay? Create a project.


If you’re in any doubt? Email help@shedproject.com.au

How to Create a Project

On the HOME page www.shedproject.com.au click the ‘Create Project’ button.  Fill out the details of the project and submit. Remember, the more information you provide the better quality quotes you will receive. At the end of the form you will be prompted to sign in or create a free account.



New Project Alerts

You can receive automatic emails alerting you to the new posting of Shed Projects on the site.

Login to ShedProject.
Click on My Account.
On your account page on the left click “Personal Info.”
Towards the bottom you can set email alert preferences.
Click save before leaving the page.