Can you spot the weekender shed?

Can you spot the weekender shed?

Yes a voice inside your head says… we can afford that! And before you know it you’re back in the Real Estate office slapping down a deposit on that rural lifestyle block you’ve always wanted…But wait!

Choosing to live in a shed is something that you must look into thoroughly first because in actual fact it is generally not allowed.Even as a temporary dwelling there are special conditions imposed by local councils that you should find out about first or a costly mistake could be made.Contact your council or have a chat with a local Private Certifier who is experienced in the local area that you are thinking about trying to live in a shed.Most council websites have details on their policy regarding shed homes and often you need to have a Development Application (DA) approved for a future home if you’re considering a shed as a temporary dwelling.

Always make sure the land you are purchasing has a dwelling entitlement already or that you will be able to secure one from the local council or you may never be allowed to build a home on your block. Some people have been caught out on this before where they have purchased a carved off block that does not have a dwelling entitlement. Sometime it’s even the council themselves selling off these small rural blocks you can never build on.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is possible to live legally in a building that looks like a shed but essentially it will not be a shed. A Shed or Garage is a class 10a building (not for habitation). For a dwelling you need a Class 1 building.

It is possible to purchase shed kits with Class 1 engineering that can be made habitable. Some shed companies are producing buildings with class 1 engineering that look great! With mezzanine floors and balconies like the “Ranbuild Lodge” or single storey affairs like the “Backyard Shacks.”

Some of the other things you need to do to make a shed home a habitable dwelling are…

  • Have a proper approved septic/waste disposal system or be connected to sewer.
  • You will need to meet Basix (building sustainability index) For example… Proper insulation, an efficient hot water service, cross ventilation and more. (Energy efficiency).
  • Your slab must have a vapour barrier to prevent rising damp and
  • you will also be required to have termite prevention.
  • Make sure you insulate well with Insulbreak 65 or 80.

So yes you can live in a steel shed home if you do it right and do it in a suitable location. There are some fabulous shed homes out there! Just make sure you do your homework first.

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