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Thermatech® Solar Reflectance Technology – image

Sometimes the hardest decision once you have decided to buy a shed is which colour or colours. Including Zinc there are essentially 21 colours to choose from.

Do you match the surrounding fencing, blend in with the environment or match it to the house?  Contrasting trim or matching? Zinc roof or Colorbond? Do you want the roller doors to match the wall colours or contrast the doors?

At the end of the day it’s a personal choice. The colours you choose should not affect the price of your building unless you select Zinc for some or all your cladding, flashings or rainwater goods. Zinc products are a little more economical if you wish to save a few dollars and look quite trendy if combined with some of the more modern looking colorbond colours.

A light colour or dark on the roof is another question. The lighter the roof the more heat that will be reflected, the darker the roof the more heat it will absorb and therefore heat the inside of the shed more. Your shed roof will radiate less heat if a light reflective colour is used. Colorbond has Thermatech treatment that means that some of the darker colours are not a hot as they used to be.

Table 1 – Classification of COLORBOND® steel Colours for BCA and BASIX for the COLORBOND® steel Standard 22 Colours

Colour Solar Absorptance BCA Classification BASIX Classification
Cove™ 0.54 M M
Mangrove® 0.64 D M
Gully™ 0.63 D M
Wallaby® 0.64 D M
Terrain® 0.69 D M
Basalt® 0.69 D M
Nightsky® 0.96 D D
Classic Cream™ 0.32 L L
Surfmist® 0.32 L L
Paperbark® 0.42 M L
Evening Haze® 0.43 M L
Shale Grey™ 0.43 M L
Dune® 0.47 M L
Windspray® 0.58 M M
Pale Eucalypt® 0.60 M M
Jasper® 0.68 D M
Manor Red® 0.69 D M
Woodland Grey® 0.71 D D
Monument® 0.73 D D
Ironstone® 0.74 D D
Cottage Green® 0.75 D D
Deep Ocean® 0.75 D D

Note: These values do not relate to the COLORBOND® Stainless steel range.  These values are for standard COLORBOND® steel and COLORBOND® Ultra steel colours incorporating Thermatech® solar reflectance technology.

It’s not hard to find evidence of light colours being chosen for heat reasons when you look at large rural buildings like poultry farms and grain stores etc.

The truth is that the roof is a thin layer of steel and a shed will heat up on a hot sunny day no matter what colour. If you want to stop heat radiating from the roof then insulation is your best bet. If you need a darker colour to match existing surrounds then we highly recommend insulation in the roof for comfort factors.

For more information consult this resource from Colorbond on their Thermatech® technology

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